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Transmittal Notice

  1. Explanation of Material Transmitted:  This chapter contains temporary policy for individuals who perform official government travel for NIH and for offices that provide travel services, authorize or approve travel, and/or examine or audit travel expenses. 
  2. Filing Instructions:
  • Insert:  Temporary NIH Manual Chapter 0005, dated 08/03/2023.


PLEASE NOTE:  For information on:

A. Purpose and Scope

This NIH Manual Chapter identifies temporary travel policy and requirements pending release of the updated HHS Travel Policy Manual for all Federal employees as well as nonfederal employees, invitational travelers, consultants, experts, etc. who perform official Government travel for NIH.

While awaiting the revision of the HHS Travel Policy Manual and subsequent rewrite of the NIH Manual Chapter 1500 series, travelers, travel preparers, and travel approvers will follow and adhere to the guidance below:

Follow guidance in the NIH Travel Policy Handbook available here.

Follow guidance in the HHS Travel Policy Manual dated September 10, 2018 (Edition #: 2018-Q4) available here.

Follow guidance in the Federal Travel Regulation available here.

Follow guidance in the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) for Commissioned Officers available here.

Follow appropriate Delegations of Authority that are published in NIH Manual Issuance 1130 under Travel available here.

Follow guidance on the OFM Travel Website available here.

Continue to use travel forms specific to NIH available here.

* If you require a 508 compliant PDF version of a chapter please contact [email protected]
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