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Transmittal Notice

  1. Explanation of Material Transmitted: This chapter, NIH 1965 –NIH Evaluation Set-Aside Program, is hereby rescinded in its entirety.  The program was suspended in  February 2015.  In the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015, Congress substantially changed the distribution of Public Health Service (PHS) Evaluation Funds.  As a result of these changes, HHS decided not to make any PHS Evaluation Funds available for internal use activities at NIH in FY 2015.  Consequently, the program was unable to accept applications from ICs and OD offices for evaluations and evaluation-related activities in the absence of funds.  Congress and HHS have followed this general course of action in FY 2016 and beyond; thus, the program is discontinued permanently.   
  2. Filing Instructions:

           Remove:  NIH Policy Manual, Chapter 1965, dated 02/27/2017

           Insert:  None

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