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Transmittal Notice

  1. Explanation of Material Transmitted:

    This manual chapter set forth in general terms the organization of contracting activities at the NIH and provided guidance for assigning individual contract requirements to contracting organizations. The NIH Office of the Director, Office of Management reorganized the NIH contracting offices supporting the agency’s varied institutes and centers and changed the method of assigning individual contract requirements to the newly organized contracting offices. The Office of Acquisition and Logistics Management (OALM) posts general information about the NIH contracting program at, with links to the contracting central services organization for personal property, logistics and acquisition at and to the reorganized contracting offices and their respective customers at . OALM updates the information on these web sites to reflect any organizational and service agreement changes.

  2. Filing Instructions:

Remove: NIH Manual 6307-1 dated 6/18/1990.
Insert: None.

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